ORES is the commercial branch of the production structre integrated in the Vall Companys Group: a guarantee of reliability.

Maximum quality from the source

The Vall Companys Group, stablished in 1956, is one of the leading agri-food companies in Spain and Europe. With its fully vertical and integrated operational structure, from genetic testing through to the customer’s table, each of its companies can offer the maximum production capacity and total food safety, with full traceability from the source.

An Agri-food Group

Today the Vall Companys Group is a global agri-food producer with a focus on sustainability, people and the future. Its activities range from meat production to the manufacture of all kinds of protein and bread flour.

Penta Programme: our way of building the future

The Group has promoted the Penta Programme, with a horizon in 2030 and five lines of action: climate and circularity, animal welfare, people, health and innovation and responsible management.

A path parameterised year after year with which we will achieve maximum sustainability in a real and effective way in all our dimensions and areas of action. A real process today and in line with 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A driving force for rural Spain

The Group is present in 23 provinces across Spain through 43 companies and more than 2,100 associated farms: it is a key player in the country’s primary sector thanks to its outstanding team of professionals.

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